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Welcome to All American Healthcare.

Find all the information you need to get started working with us.

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AllShifts™ gives you the All American advantage. It’s the easiest way to see nearby shifts and select those you want to work. Get instant access to every opening with AllShifts™.

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ID Badge

Add your photo and you’re all set.

Your ID badge is available in AllShifts™ in the upper right under your profile. There you can “Edit Profile” and use the camera icon to add your photo. We recommend a headshot that is appropriate for a professional setting. Remember, beyond your ID badge, this photo will be shown when facilities are considering you for shifts.

We no longer send physical ID badges in the mail. If a facility requires that you must wear your ID badge, you can print your digital badge from AllShifts™ and insert it in a display sleeve. If you require anything additional, contact your All American Account Manager.


Get a timesheet and submit it weekly.

Download Timesheet

Print out a timesheet and bring it with you for a supervisor to sign after you’ve finished working each shift. All completed timesheets must be submitted to All American via email.

Send to by 12:00pm EST each Monday for the prior week. Timesheets that are completed improperly or submitted after 12:00pm EST each Monday will result in delayed payment.


If unexpected issues occur, quick communication is key.

Alert All American

Confirmed Shifts
When you confirm a shift with All American, the facility expects that you will show up for your shift on-time. The facility and its residents rely on you and your prompt attendance.

Calling Out


**Important** If you cannot make a shift you are confirmed for, call All American Healthcare immediately at (866) 629-2242. Call any time, as soon as possible, so that we can notify the facility that you cannot attend your shift. Email and text cannot be used to call out for shifts.

Be advised that No-Call, No-Show (NCNS) is cause for immediate termination. You will be flagged as DNR (Do Not Return) to the facility and possibly others.


Setup Direct Deposit to get paid faster.

Get Direct Deposit

First Check
The pay cycle is Monday through Sunday. Staffers get paid weekly—every Friday. For your first week’s pay, you will receive a physical check in the mail that gets sent to your address on file.

Direct Deposit
After that, you can easily setup Direct Deposit. Instructions will be sent to you via email after your first payday to setup Direct Deposit via our ADP Payroll System.


**Protect Your Privacy** Do not send Direct Deposit information anywhere else except for ADP as instructed in the email you will receive from All American Healthcare.

Holiday Pay
Holiday Pay varies per location. Holiday Pay starts at 11pm the night before a holiday and ends at 11pm on the day of the holiday. If you are working on a holiday from 7pm-7am, you will only receive Holiday Pay for a portion of that shift.

Setup Direct Deposit:

Direct Deposit is available from our paycheck processing partner ADP. Setup is easy:

  1. Download the ADP Mobile Solutions app or use the web link below.
  2. Enter our registration code: aahcs123-ipay
  3. Create your account to add your bank information.


More money in your paychecks! Claim bonuses in AllShifts™.

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Your $100 Bonus
Get an extra $100 for every two hundred hours worked. Claim your reward in AllShifts™ and receive your money in minutes with Zelle®.

That's more money for our staffers from All American Healthcare!