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Rewards Put More Money in Your Pocket – Faster!

AllShifts® Rewards give you more options to put more money in your pocket – faster. Claim cash bonuses instantly with Zelle® payments.

How do I earn AllShifts Rewards?

Get points for working shifts and claim bigger bonuses the more you work. There’s nothing extra to do and you can receive bonuses many times over.

MORE Bonus Options:

  • Every hour worked equals 5 Rewards Points.
  • Earn 200 Rewards Points (40 hours) and get a $15 Bonus. Or, keep working toward a bigger reward…
  • Earn 1,000 Rewards Points and get your $100 Bonus.

That’s Extra Money from AllShifts!

Redeem Rewards Money Instantly

All American staffers can easily sign up with Zelle® to get bonuses as soon as they’re eligible. Once you do, future bonus money will be in your bank account instantly upon redemption.

Staffers wanted faster payments and All American delivered with Zelle® – the trusted way to receive money.

Zelle® is a fast, easy and safe way to send and receive money. You can find Zelle® in the banking app of hundreds of banks nationwide because it is the most reliable way to quickly move money.

Add this free tool to your bank or credit union.

Connect Zelle.

How do I get started?

You already have! AllShifts® Rewards points are automatically earned for every completed shift you work.

In the AllShifts® App, tap the Rewards icon to track progress.*

*Rewards program and amounts subject to change. You must be fully registered with All American to earn rewards and bonuses.

AllShifts® Rewards Disclaimer:AllShifts® Rewards is a bonus system created for the AllShifts® app and should not be considered “entitled” compensation. Rewards points have no impact on listed pay rates and are unentitled benefits. AllShifts® Rewards points are provided and applied at the sole discretion of AllShifts® and All American Healthcare.

Need help with Rewards?

If you have downloaded the AllShifts app and have questions about how to use it, see our brief how-to videos. Jump to the topic you are unsure of or watch the full playlist to learn about useful features.

See How To

For specific questions, contact your Account Manager or AllShifts Tech Support.