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Attn: California Part-Time Employees

Effective February 19, 2022, the state of California is reinstating their COVID-19 supplemental paid sick leave policy. As All American employees in CA are part-time employees and do not frequent a physical workplace, we are disseminating this notice electronically.

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Get AllShifts® Rewards Money Instantly

Now you can redeem cash bonuses instantly with Zelle® payments. Simply verify your email address to put AllShifts® Rewards money in your pocket - faster. Get points for working shifts and claim bigger bonuses the more you work.

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Is Racism a Pandemic Too?

Is racism a pandemic too?

The COVID-19 crisis and social justice issues have placed questions of racism firmly in the spotlight. Much like the pandemic, race, diversity and inclusion impact every one of us both directly and indirectly. With so many nursing staff being women, specifically women of color, it certainly hits close to home.

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