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Nurse Aide: How Can You Earn More?

Whether you’re looking to pick up extra shifts or find a permanent position, many nursing professionals register with a healthcare staffing agency because we typically pay higher rates than state averages. After you’re registered and ready to accept shifts, we have additional tips that can help you earn even more.

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How Technology is Transforming Staffing for Nursing Homes

As technology continues to advance, so does its role in healthcare and how much nurse managers use it—both directly and indirectly—to make their lives easier. Advances focused on improving clinical processes might be the most obvious, but a lot of technology is working in the background to help people make things like staffing nurse personnel…

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Our Favorite Feel-Good Stories About Nurses

Nurses have really stressful jobs. That much we know! On any given day they are doing so much for so many, which is why it is incredibly heartwarming to hear stories about amazing things happening to these real-life heroes. Here are five of our favorite uplifting tales of recent good fortune. Toyota Replaces Car Burned…

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