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How Technology is Transforming Staffing for Nursing Homes

As technology continues to advance, so does its role in healthcare and how much nurse managers use it—both directly and indirectly—to make their lives easier. Advances focused on improving clinical processes might be the most obvious, but a lot of technology is working in the background to help people make things like staffing nurse personnel faster than ever before. And the best part, there’s no training required.

Using Automation to Streamline Operations

What is RPA Technology?

RPA technology is relatively new to the healthcare industry, but is revolutionizing staffing. A robotic process automation (RPA) platform is powerful software that can mirror processes and perform repetitive tasks automatically – making something like filling a missed shift at the last minute much more simple.

A nurse staffing agency can use this software to eliminate the extra steps that leave people waiting on answers. Once it was put into place at All American Healthcare, we were able to decrease staffer onboarding time from days to minutes. The technology handles the most tedious parts of communication so our people can give their attention to serving the unique needs of clients and candidates.

When it comes to filling a shift, that too happens automatically with shifts getting sent to the right people in the right areas, prioritizing those who previously worked at the facility, and excluding anyone with outdated credentials. Because we’ve “taught” the RPA platform these processes, we’re able to automate them so that they are done with unprecedented speed.

How Does RPA Benefit My Facility?

A nursing home, for example, that has a staff of 50 people will not want to spend thousands of dollars in recruiting fees to fill one or two openings. Instead of having to coordinate everything in-house and devote all the time involved with a search, a staffing agency that has an RPA platform can offer more agility when filling shifts, especially at the last minute.

The thing is, not all nurse staffing agencies use this kind of technology. Smaller agencies that serve a very local supplier base often don’t have the resources to use an RPA platform. What they do instead, is to manually pull lists of available nursing personnel and send out openings by emailing or calling, which takes much longer since it’s not automatic. This traditional approach has holes that drain an account manager’s time to help solve real challenges.

On the other hand, larger corporate agencies may franchise out their service for the benefit of a localized feel, but still fall under the corporate umbrella. Even when the corporate office makes RPA technology available to them, many franchise owners aren’t equipped to use it.

That’s where a mid-sized agency offers the best of both worlds. We focus on using technology to make nurse staffing easier for the people on the frontlines. Facilities can fill shifts faster with All American — period.

Contact us for simplified staffing with our nationwide network of healthcare professionals.

How Does RPA Benefit Nurse Personnel?

For temp staffing agencies utilizing an RPA platform, the benefits aren’t limited to just facility clients, but also extend to the nurse personnel in their area. Because the automation is able to efficiently staff shifts quickly and cost-effectively, it enables the agency to pass savings on to the employees in the form of better pay.

All American Healthcare uses RPA technology because of the benefits for facilities, but also so that we can pay our nursing staff the highest rates in the industry. Our employees appreciate the monetary benefit of working with us, but it goes further than that. Higher pay attracts top talent, makes staffers feel valued and boosts effort — all of which are added benefits that circle back to nursing homes and their patients. In the end, everyone gains from the increased efficiency of RPA technology.


As technology continues to change, healthcare facilities can take advantage to reap the rewards. Nothing can replace the human part of healthcare. Adding in the efficiency of technology helps nursing staff earn higher pay, while also helping nursing homes stay competitive. For healthcare staffing agencies, technology like robotic process automation benefits both facilities and nurse personnel by increasing cost savings for all.

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