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Correct Timesheets = Fast Pay

You work hard, so don’t let an unclear timesheet delay your paycheck.
Follow this checklist to get paid on time, every time.

Timesheet Checklist

Submit one timesheet per each facility worked that week.
EACH shift MUST be signed by a supervisor, along with a printed supervisor name.
Indicate time in and time out for mandatory meal breaks for each shift.
If you worked without taking your mandatory break, indicate "No Break" in the Meal column.
Sign your name at the bottom and write in the submission date.
Submit to by Monday 12pm ET / 9am PT to be paid the coming Friday.
Late timesheets will be processed the following week.

Double Check It...

Snap a Pic...

Submit by Monday 12pm ET / 9am PT


Why let an unclear or incomplete timesheet delay your paycheck? Double check it, snap a pic and send it in!

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