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Correct Timesheets = Fast Pay

You work hard, so don’t let an incomplete or hard-to-read timesheet delay your paycheck. Follow this checklist to get paid on time, every time.

Timesheet Checklist

Write all text neatly and legibly.
Each timesheet should correspond to ONE facility only. Please submit a separate timesheet for each facility you worked in a week.
Fill in your name, the facility name and your position or discipline.
Fill in the dates you worked in MM/DD format.
Write in your TIME IN and circle am or pm.
Write in your TIME OUT and circle am or pm.
EACH shift MUST be signed by a supervisor, along with a printed supervisor name.
Add up your total working hours for the week and write that below the table.
Mandatory 30 min breaks are automatically deducted for every 8 hours worked.If you worked a straight shift WITHOUT taking any breaks, please indicate "No Breaks" on your timesheet.
Sign your name at the bottom and write in the submission date.
Snap a clear, in-focus picture of your timesheet that includes all four corners and submit it through the AllShifts® app OR email it to
Submit your timesheet by Monday 12:00 Noon EST in order to be paid that Friday. Late timesheets will be processed the following week.

Double Check It...

Snap a Pic...

You worked hard to become a medical professional. Why let something as silly as an illegible or incomplete timesheet delay your paycheck? Double check it, snap a clear pic and send it in!

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