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Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from All American Healthcare

Last updated: May 7, 2020

During this unprecedented time, All American Healthcare would like to address how the company is operating with respect to its internal administrative and operational staff, its external nursing and healthcare staff and how it’s working to keep residents at our client nursing homes safe.


All American has always had a well-organized and updated Business Continuity Plan in place. We’ve rarely had to use it over the years. However, we have now implemented it for internal, operational and administrative staff and operations. We have implemented a work-from-home policy for all internal staff. We have all IT, software and operational systems fully functional, and thus there will be no interruption to our services. All of our internal employees can work just as productively and effectively from their remote/home locations, and in so doing, adhere to all social distancing guidelines to mitigate the spreading of the virus.

Nursing Staff in the Field

Our account managers are in constant communications with our 8000+ nursing professionals in the field, across a third of the country. All nursing personnel is regularly provided updates from All American Healthcare. Nursing personnel are instantly informed of open shifts using a mix of our proprietary technology and personal outreach from our account managers, giving them complete control over which shifts they choose to accept and when and where they want to work. Whether they choose to work is entirely up to the discretion of each employee. We are also following up with facilities in order to make sure everyone at the facilities is safe there and necessary precautions are being taken by their full-time staff and their residents.

We are continuing to aggressively recruit CNAs, LPNs, RNs and other medical professionals at this time to fill the high demand.

In New Jersey, we are working directly with the state to staff Medical Field Hospitals at the Meadowlands as well as in Edison, and in Southern NJ (place and opening date TBD). We are currently looking for RN’s (all specialties and regular), Floor RNs, LPN’s, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Physicians, Respiratory Therapists, Occupational Therapists to staff the Meadowlands pop-up hospital. Positions are needed from April 6th through the end of June. Shifts will be 12-hours (7am-7pm & 7pm-7am) each day and PPE will be provided on-site!

If you or someone you know is interested in registering with us, use this simple online form to apply today.

How Can Healthcare Professionals Protect Themselves?

During this time of uncertainty and fear, the world is asking a great deal from its healthcare workers in order to keep the population healthy. Nursing personnel are on the front lines, often risking their own welfare and safety. Feeling stressed is a normal reaction and an experience that many will likely go through. We ask everyone to please take care of your basic needs and employ helpful coping strategies to support your mental and psychological well-being during this time. This can include staying connected with loved ones (even if it’s just through phone calls or digital means), eating healthy foods, engaging in physical activity and getting enough rest. All our nursing personnel are encouraged to:

  • Assess and triage patients with respiratory symptoms and other COVID-19 risk factors to minimize chances of exposure.
  • Use Standard and Transmission-Based precautions when caring for patients that are exposed to or being treated for COVID-19.
  • Practice hand hygiene before and after all patient contact.
  • Stay home if you develop symptoms or are otherwise sick. Tell your supervisor and agency account manager immediately if you were exposed to a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patient.

For more information for healthcare professionals, please refer to the current guidance from the CDC.

Facilities Need Staff

We have seen an unprecedented surge of requests from current and new client facilities needing staff. We are onboarding dozens of new facilities every single week. We’ve built a robust platform and process to streamline the onboarding of new clients across the country, and we’re usually able to staff a facility the same day we sign them up as a client. New to All American Healthcare? Contact us here to get started.

We are strongly encouraging nursing homes and other healthcare facilities to take extra precautions to protect nurses and patients. We’ve already seen some facilities offer nurses incentives to pick up shifts, limit outside visitation, test nurses and other employees for symptoms before they enter a facility, and even bring in meals and set up extra rooms to allow nurses to rest and take care of themselves without having to leave during or between shifts and risk additional exposure.

Our team is in constant communication with our facilities to stay abreast of their needs, any additional incentives they are offering and current COVID-19 activity.

What can Facilities do to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19?

According to a Kaiser Health News analysis of federal records on government health inspector citations, 61% of nursing homes cited in the past three years were for one or more infection-control deficiencies.

Violations were more common at homes with fewer nurses and aides than at facilities with higher staffing levels and were often for rudimentary errors, such as not washing their hands before moving on to another patient, or not wearing masks, gloves, gowns or other protective material when interacting with a contagious patient. When there isn’t enough staff, the aides and nurses end up having to care for more patients than they can handle, which is when things like handwashing fall through the cracks.

  • Communicate information about novel coronavirus with staff, including how to recognize symptoms, how to respond to possible cases and the facility’s isolation plan for patients that have possibly been infected.
  • Have sick employees stay home.
  • Ensure your facility is adequately staffed at all times. Utilize a staffing agency to meet additional demand or supplement if current staff fall ill.
  • If workers are new or temporary, take time to update them on your facility’s infection prevention and control protocols.
  • Strictly enforce handwashing and other hygienic practices, including Standard, Contact and Airborne precautions with all staff.
  • Have necessary supplies available, including PPE and N95 respirators if applicable.
  • Keep infected residents and residents with respiratory symptoms isolated from others. More on how to manage infected patients.

For more information about how facilities can stay protected, please reference the official CDC recommendations for healthcare facilities or the recommendations specifically for long-term care facilities.

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