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Job Seekers

For almost two decades, we have been leveraging our people and technology to connect experienced nursing personnel and other healthcare professionals with hiring facilities in your area.

In a world with an aging population, the demand for healthcare professionals continues to grow and offers exciting employment possibilities.

All American Healthcare is an industry-leading healthcare and nurse staffing agency. We’ll help you find work fast, get paid more and build your career. Because it’s your career, on your terms.

Wonder What It’s Like Working with All American Healthcare?

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Why Work with Us?

Higher Wages

We pay employees the highest rates in the healthcare industry.

More Freedom

We send available shifts, you choose where and when you want to work.

Weekly Pay

Get paid sooner with paychecks (and direct deposit) issued every Friday.

Our Process

AAH offers nurse personnel a new way to get work with the shifts you want and pay you deserve.


Sign Up Online

It’s fast, easy and we keep your application information private.


We Bring Shifts to You

Once approved, we immediately contact you with available shift options.


You're in Complete Control

You decide to accept or decline shifts, and can always modify work preferences.


Rachel Norman
Rachel Norman
Onboarding was quick and easy. There are always shifts to pick up to work. Very easy to submit hours.
Chia Thao
Chia Thao
Great company to work for. App is easy to use and can pick up shifts right away. Definitely recommend!
Alysa H
Alysa H
As an employee here for over a year, there are actually plenty of positive’s to working for this company. I’ve never had any issues with payday, they’re always on top of it. The timesheet method is... hassle-free.They also give cash bonuses for consistent punctuality.They have a lot of facility options, as well, so you can switch it up. If you don’t exactly love it at one place, there’s always another you can go to.I need flexible hours for school during the week and I typically can find the hours I need here. Not many other places can offer this level of flexibility!Communication has been a drawback, however, I’ve edited this review to match the effort the company has put forth to resolve the lack of communication from my Case more